the Russian Empire, the USSR, Russian emigration,

Russian Federation and the republics of former Soviet Union

(XVIIIXXI centuries)


52246 artists


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The Register is a social project of Artists Trade Union of Russia.

Editor-in-chief of the Register

Chairman of Artists Trade Union of Russia, Prof. Dr. Sergey V. Zagraevsky


The Register includes all kinds of artists, who work or worked in visual arts:

in 2 dimensions (painters, graphic and poster artists,

theatre decorators, batik painters, illustrators, animators etc.);

in 3 dimensions (sculptors, jewelers, ceramists, authors of installations etc.)


You can find the rating of every artist from this register

in the reference book United Art Rating.


Please send your corrections and additions to the Register

to Artists Trade Union of Russia:


 el./Fax: +7 (495) 720-1207



Sergey Zagraevsky. All rights reserved.